Wishlist: Zara

Wishlist: Zara

Been having a nosy around recently at all the winter and party collections that are FINALLY making an appearance due to the winter season. For me this is the greatest time of the year as I always love the colour palettes – I go for dark, rich colours ( I’m talking burgundy, rich teal, burnt orange and of course, black). And during my period of searching theses collections, I fell in love with Zara. Now, I have been a loyal Zara follower for years however this year I think they’ve outdone themselves. They have the glam, the glitter, the sparkle, all without making the collection look too girly which for me is a must. Yes I do love to wear the odd dress however I’m most comfortable in jeans and a thick jumper and a statement piece of jewellery or pair of shoes (I’m obsessed with shoes). So have a look below at my Zara wish list and let me know what you think and what yours is.

Faux Fur Coat  79.99

Velvet Camisole Top  25.99

Blazer with Sequins  79.99

Embellished Sock-Style Ankle Boots  95.99

Crossbody Bag with Clasp and Charm Strap  29.99

Wide Bejewelled Headband  15.99

Skinny Suit Trousers  69.99

Crossover Velvet Dress  39.99

Mini Dress with Embellished Embroidery  39.99

Sequinned Mini Skirt  29.99

High Heel Tulle Ankle Boots with Faux Pearls  69.99

Contrasting Bejewelled Double Necklace  19.99


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