The Colours of Primrose Hill

The Colours of Primrose Hill

If you’re ever in London take a little visit and see at least one set of the rainbow of pastel coloured houses dotted around the city.  The place for me was Chalcot Square, by Primrose Hill and near the northern side of Regent Park and London Zoo.

I’d recently been reading ‘This City Life London‘ and there they mentioned about the colourful houses in London.  Whilst there they have provided a list of all the locations to visit from Notting Hill to Bywater Street, Chelsea to Chalcot Square, I had limited time and so aimed to visit the latter.  And let me tell you, I was so happy that Chalcot Square was my decision.  The colours were beautiful and I now know what I want my dream house to look like (the mint coloured one if your interested as it matches a pair of trousers that I have!)



Have a look and visit the other locations too, I plan too!


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