The Pace Gallery – Transcending Boundaries

The Pace Gallery – Transcending Boundaries

If you fancy a little cultural visit to London Town then I suggest popping over to Mayfair and visiting the Pace Gallery and the teamLab ‘Transcending Boundaries’ exhibition.

‘Transcending Boundaries’ explores the role of digital technology in transcending physical and conceptual bounties that exist with different pieces of artwork, with many of the artwork imagery breaking away and jining another images space.  Thus connecting all pieces of artwork together and dissolving any distinctions between them.  All the artwork also involves the viewer through interactivity and helps to nurture the ability of creativity through technology.

Toshiyuki Inoko, the collective’s founder said “We are honoured to share some of our most recently created artworks and hope to see the universality of their themes – creativity, pay, exploration, immersion, life and fluidity – will deep into the broader conscience.”

Room One, the largest in the exhibition, contains 6 pieces of artwork.  This room features my faviourite piece, the ‘Universe of Water Particles, Transcending Boundaries (2017), which is a virtual waterfall that extended along the back wall and onto the floor, putting the viewer into the realm of the artwork.  As you stand there the water flows around you and if you touch the wall, the idea is given off that the water is being sprayed around you, as it would normally do if anything got in the way of the flow.


Room Two, featuring the ‘Dark Waves (2016)’.  On the wall is the simulation of waves based on hundreds of thousands of water particles and it is breathtaking.  I could have sta there for hours just looking at it as the waves make you feel all calm and relaxed and in a world of your own.  The waves are created in a huge three-dimensional virtual space, trying to portray the idea that the water is immersing the viewer.


Room 3 is the darkest of all the rooms.  The artwork, ‘Flowers Bloom on People (2017)’, uses the body as a canvas for projections of flowers that continuously change.  If your lucky enough not to be wearing white then you get to wear a white sheet as a poncho as the artwork only truest comes out on white of very pale colours.  Sadly I was already wearing an ivory coat so could not partake in this fashion statement! The flowers that appear on you are of continuous change, from growing to decaying to scattering all in direct response to the persons movements.


Inspiration for visiting this exhibition came from The Londoner blog which is always full of fresh fashion, travel and lifestyle ideas and bits and bobs to do in life.

This exhibition is on 25 January – 11 March 2017
For more information visit the Pace Gallery


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