On Monday We Wear Boden

On Monday We Wear Boden

To start off with, a huge apology for not posting for a while.  Major changes have been happening in my life recently, the biggest being that I have finally moved down to London (life dream complete: tick) and, have started working at Boden Clothing.  It has been a huge change for me as I moved to a new city where I knew roughly two people, into a flat where I knew no one and to top it all off, a city that I had only really visited for day trips. So, MAJOR CHANGES for me!  And I have to say that I am loving it – my flatmates are lovely, I’m enjoying my job and I think that city life is for me (I mean, it is London so there is always something to do so you can never get bored!)

Anyway, trying to keep this as short and sweet as possible.  As I am working at Boden, I tried this thing called ‘Boden Monday’, where I would wear just Boden clothing to work for the day, trying to get a feel for who I was working for.  I used to think Boden was a company that only really catered for the older generation (and when I say ‘older’, I mean above 35 years so not that old really), however, how wrong was I.  Their clothing is amazing and fits me perfectly, consisting of simple yet on trend garments that can be dressed up or down with accessories and shoes, the list goes on and on really…you get the gist.  Also, have look at what Boden is doing with the British Fashion Council and the stylist Caroline Issa, I promise you it is interesting to read up on!


My outfit is almost completely from my Boden wardrobe, consisting of Cavendish Girlfriend Jeans with the side stripe (super comfy), a sleeveless white blouse suitable for all occasions, a classic black pair of backless loafers and the one-non Boden item being a Dune handbag.




(I scarily look like my twin sister here and I’m not too sure if I like it!)

Top: Boden | Jeans: Boden | Loafers: Boden| Bag: Dune

Hope you all love this outfit as much as I do and I’ll keep you posted on my life and outfit adventures in my new city life.


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  1. Jenny
    4th April 2018 / 11:27 pm

    Great outfit! Could I possibly ask what size jeans you’re wearing? The reviews on the Bowden site are really making me second guess. 🙂

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