New Year, New Me

New Year, New Me

Happy New Year Everyone!  What a year 2016 was with all its ups and downs from friends and family to travel to what was happening in the world.  Hopefully 2017 is going to be another cracker of a year full of happiness and exciting plans from fashion to travel to my general lifestyle.

Every year I try harder and harder to keep my resolutions however it always seems to be that after the first few weeks of trying I just give up and move on to a new plan that in my mind seems easier to follow.  However, this year will not be like that!  I aim to start a new year with a fresh new plan and plan to stick with what I say I’m going to do to the end.  So here are my FIVE new resolutions for this year (and hopefully they’ll continue afterwards too!) : 

  1. To become more organised in my life.  I’ve become to accustomed to at the end of the day just piling up my clothes on my bedroom floor or nearest chair instead of trying to be organised and putting them away.  Well that hopefully will be no more as I going to go with the life motto ‘clear space, clear mind’ so if I keep everywhere around me tidy then I’ll be able to concentrate and complete more things that I put my mind too.  It also means my room will look tonnes better and I’ll be able to always find my clothes instead of declaring them missing and then finding them a few days later in that pile!
  2. Improve my health and fitness.  For a while now I’ve been trying to get into the frame of mind where I enjoy exercise.  Yes I do enjoy the results and exercising with my friends however I usually end up feeling like it’s a chore.  This year I have set myself two aims; run a half marathon (a full one seemed a bit much me me to cope with) and to train for my second black belt in karate.  Both achievable if I put my mind to it so here it goes…
  3. Live life to the fullest.  2016 saw me work for 6 months in France doing a ski season and then spend 6 weeks travelling round South East Asia.  So, 2017 needs to be as AMAZING and whatever comes my way I’m going to go all out and make it the best time I’ve spent doing it.  That means that I hopefully should have amazing memories for the entire year.
  4. Find my dream job and move out of my parents house.  Moving home is always a tough one when you’ve not lived with your parents in over 4 years and are used to your own space.  Yes, there are the perks of not paying rent, having a laundry and meal fairy and getting to spend quality time with your family however I think I’m ready for something new and my own space now.  Thus leading onto finding my dream job.  Anything in fashion will really do for me but my aim is to become a buyer for a luxury fashion company and so this year for me is ‘operation job hunt’.  Fingers crossed all goes to plan.
  5. Be more positive and have a stress free life.  Life is too short to worry about anything so this year I think I’m going to go along with the thought that things happen for a reason and that whatever happens happens.  I always try to be positive however this year I’m going to try even harder and try to spread my positivity too.  Everyone happy for the year! 

Well, lets see how long I keep these resolutions for…

Happy New Year!


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