Flower Power Happiness

Flower Power Happiness

I have something to admit…I am obsessed with flowers!  I have to say it is only a recent thing however since my mother started bringing in the flowers from the garden over the summer months, something just changed for me.  The thought of seeing them in the house just brings a smile to my face as for me they just brighten up the room.  At the moment my favourite flowers would be Hydrangeas however I usually go for large Pansies or Chrysanthemums.  Basically something big and bright really!

Due to this new obsession, I decided to visit Colombia Road Flower Market in Bethnal Green in London during my travels in the bug city and let me tell you, I was in heaven.  Yes it was crowded do I would recommend going early in the morning however no matter when you go, it is an experience.  Yes I have been to other markets before however this one was just so bright and colourful and seemed popular with everyone.  And the small walk there didn’t bother me at all.  A must see for anyone visiting London who have a free morning on a Sunday.



Go visit the Colombia Road Flower Market, on every Sunday between 8am and around 3pm  http://www.columbiaroad.info


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